CSU subsea installation

After a satisfied top side technology qualification process has been performed, next generation CSU will be a 3 phase subsea separation and compression unit in line with the dry option.

Åsgard has successfully installed compact compressors subsea for gas compression of gas wells containing fluid from Midgard and Mikkel. The fluid is separated subsea prior to gas compression, after which it is injected into the gas flow to Åsgard B.

In our option we will challenge a marginal field development of subsea wells placing a CSU near the template and, depending the infra structure, processing and delivering the processed oil, gas and water to host or nearby flowlines.

A construction vessel may easily handle and install a 500 tons CSU module equipped by suction anchors in a sea state of hs 3m.

Installation of a CSU with suction anchor from a construction vessel in sea state till Hs 3 m