CSU integrated in the MC-7 Petro

A game changer for unmanned production platforms

Green Entrans has developed a new subsea on a stick facility design, which may easily be developed to an unmanned processing platform by installation of a CSU.

All processing equipment will be preinstalled and secured to the platform at the yard prior to tow out and installation. The design covers water depths down to 150 meter and can accommodate up-to 12 well slots.

MC-7 Petro  РArea of use

Topside and column lay out example

The CSU is installed and secured on the platform prior to tow out and installation.

During the drilling process all processing equipment are installed and commissioned ready for start-up after the drilling and X-mas tree installation campaign is finalized. No heavy lift vessels will be involved during the entire tow out, positioning, drilling and production start up campaign.

V03-Des-2019- Omplassering av CSU i Kolonnen